they were like
sup im watching korra late

spoiler shit after the break since I guess the final ep only came out a few days ago

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sony guy shittin all over the bad xbone design decisions and going heh heh heh
microsoft got fucking wrecked jesus christ
not to say that this game isnt fun because it totally is

and I give it my highest recommendation. good job, company that makes bioshock games

I seem to remember the bioshock guns having more secondary features than these. like im pretty sure I set up a bunch of tripwire bolts to fight big daddies and shit like that.
the hail fire is the best and coolest bioshock gun

you can ricochet shots to hit guys behind walls and you can use the secondary function to hit faraway enemies pretty easily. OR you can just mash out an entire clip instantly to explode everything in front of you! It is a gun with OPTIONS.

same can’t be said for a lot of the other guns in this game, though. They’re all pretty standard fps fare.

I guess most of the combat depth is supposed to come from plasmids but I never really use them except to electro-stun robot george washington. The rest are kinda finicky and it’s usually faster just to shoot more guns

execute using maces is probably pretty gross

senor lowtax should send the DR lp guy a gift basket